December 20, 2014

It snowed this morning!

Only briefly, but it was lovely to see.  I had a photo walk with my Sawtooth Photo League at Salem Lake this morning, and these are some images from that.  It was cold, but Maurice, Sherell, Carl and I braved the weather and had a great time photographing the winter landscape.

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December 19, 2014

One of my favorite days at work is the day before holiday break.

Being in an elementary school before the holidays can be crazy.  But the last day before break is usually filled with lots of love and fun and excitement.  And for the teachers and staff, a big sigh of relief that two weeks off lies ahead.

Today was wonderful.  I was treated to lots of goodies from my students and my son’s band performed today and were fantastic!  He made me proud on the drums…

So yes!  Happy holidays indeed!


December 18th, 2014

I am lucky.

When I was younger, I used to dream about being a sound engineer, quite an unusual profession for a girl in the early 80s (or any time for that matter).  I used to watch my dad mix music and record local artists.  He was always splicing together reel-to-reel tapes and doing all kinds of musical things that I found fascinating.  I would sneak up to the music room in our house, and he would always welcome me and let me watch.  He created in me a deep love of music that will always be with me.

I never did become a sound engineer.

But in November of 2006, Tony and I began hosting a pop music quiz at a local venue, first Elliott’s Revue, and for the past 6 years or so The Garage.  One of my jobs at the quiz is doing the sound.  So I get to sit in front of the mixing desk and live out my dream of being a sound engineer, albeit a small-scale one.

It thrills me more than I can say…

Here are some photos from our quiz tonight.  It was our Christmas quiz and we got to spend it with some wonderful folks who have supported us for many years.

December 16, 2014

I’ve found that sometimes the simplest gestures mean the most…

Today was our staff holiday lunch at Sawtooth.  We all brought food and were going to sit at our student tables and eat together.

Nannette, our youth coordinator, snuck into the room while we were doing other things and decorated the tables for us as a surprise.  Instead of having boring white tables, she made them festive and beautiful and put chocolates, sparkling cider, and an ornament at each seat.   It was a simple gesture that meant so much to all of us and set the mood for a wonderful time together.

Thank you Nannette!

IMG_5455 IMG_5456

December 14, 2104

Jack is our Welsh Sheepdog.

He is crazy and full of energy and takes his job as a herder quite seriously.  He is at his best when we take him to run in a field and herd the children.  Today, Nick and I took him to Reynolda House to run in the big field in front of the house.  He had a wonderful time, as did we.  The sun was just about to set, and it had been a beautiful, warm day.

December 13, 2014

Nick and I had a nice time downtown today.

Here are some photos of our journey to the Krankies Craft Fair, Finnegan’s Wake, and thereabouts.

December 12, 2014

I mentioned in a previous post that the color/tone of a photo is important to me in trying to convey the right feeling in my image.

Today I decided to take a series of 5 different photos, all with a different tone.  Though the subject is the same, they are quite different…

December 11, 2014

Thursday is laundry day.

Several years ago my dryer broke, so I started hanging my clothes on the line to dry.  No big deal.  Last year, my washer started leaking, so every time that I wash clothes I have to put a bucket under the hose to catch the 20 gallons or so of water that backs up and pours out.  Big deal.  So I just stopped using it, and now Tony and I go to the laundromat every Thursday.

At first I hated it, and I still do on some days.  I would love to have the convenience of doing my laundry at home, but I just can’t afford to have it all fixed and replaced right now so that’s that.

There’s a great part of going to the laundromat and that’s knowing that I am there with nothing to do for about an hour and a half.  So Tony and I take our magazines (his music ones and my photography ones) and read and talk and just generally enjoy each other’s company for the time we are there.

This Thursday was particularly enjoyable to the point that neither one of us realized that our laundry was done, as we were too busy talking and laughing.

That’s not so bad…