January 29, 2015

Since I photographed a couple of scenes from my Monday-Wednesday-Friday job yesterday, I thought I would photograph some of my Tuesday-Thursday job today…

Because it is an art school, there is always something interesting to photograph.  I start here with my drive in to work, then my desk, my studio, various scenes around the building, and finally a self-portrait.

Just a small glimpse into my daily life.


January 28, 2015

Today I photographed things that I see on a weekly basis…

…Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to be precise.  It’s the view I have from the parking lot of my M-W-F job (I also have a Tuesday-Thursday job that is different) and the office that I share with our speech pathologist.

I love the wavy grass in the parking lot, and I love all of the colors in my office.

January 26, 2015

I’m starting to love photographing at night.

There is an amazing peace standing out there in the quiet with no one else around and only a faint light from the moon or a nearby lamppost.  I love experimenting with shutter speeds to get just the right amount of color in the shot or movement.

It takes a good knowledge of manual photography, an even better tripod, and lots of patience and imagination!  Tonight it was cloudy and dark, but leaving the shutter open for 30 seconds brought about a beautiful orange glow.

On the last two shots, I moved my lens in and out while keeping the shutter open for 20 seconds.

January 25, 2015

Tony and me, sitting on a bench…

reflecting on life, reflected in a car bumper.

January 24, 2015

After all the cold rain we’ve had, it was a beautiful, sunny day today.

My friend Amy and I went for a walk at Reynolda with my dog Jack.  The glory of the day did wonders for my mood…

January 23, 2105

It was cold and rainy today and I didn’t feel like photographing at all.

But I did.

Here’s the rain as I sat in my car waiting for Tony to get off of work.

January 22, 2015

I was given an assignment today and I’m quite proud of the results…

I had taken a photo of my workplace using Hipstamatic, one of my favorite iPhone apps.  It does a great job recreating photographs in an old style.  I sent the photo to my boss and she loved it, but wanted a high resolution version for advertising.  Problem is, Hipstamatic produces a relatively low-res photo so I couldn’t fix it.

Challenge! Recreate the photo using my actual camera and not my iPhone.  I was daunted, I admit, because Hipstamatic compresses the photo in a certain way and also colors it a certain way.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to create something without filters and other gimmicks that was comparable.

But I did it and here you go!  The one on the left is the original Hipstamatic version.  The one on the right I took with my Fuji X-T1.  I didn’t use any filters on the photo, just dodged and burned it as I would have done in the darkroom.

I was pleased with the results.  I always like creating a photo based on my knowledge of photography rather than those created by filters or special apps.

January 21, 2015

Well, I’ve been taking photos every day, but I’m behind in posting them!

Today I played.  I had about 45 minutes to kill after work and not much to do, so I got out my Spirograph and started drawing. If you’ve never drawn with Spirograph before, I highly recommend it, especially the vintage sets.  You can find them on eBay for very reasonable prices and they are much better quality than the new sets.

For the first time all day I relaxed and just doodled and it was wonderful.  We all need to play every now and again, but we usually don’t make it a priority.

I took photos after I finished.

January 20, 2015

I’ve been preparing less and less and practicing more “mindfulness” in photography.

What this means to me is not planning a shot, but rather photographing when the moment hits me.  I find that when I do this, I allow photos to find me instead of actively seeking them out.  The result is a more natural kind of photography that is an extension of what I am feeling at the moment.

Today I took my camera with me on a walk to get lunch.  I snapped as I walked along with no preconceptions as to what I wanted to photograph.  It was nice…