February 5, 2015

I love photographing in the morning.

My commute to work is beautiful.  The sky against the industrial background always makes me want to pull out my camera.  But lately I’ve been trying just to enjoy it for what it is…lovely and peaceful.

January 20, 2015

I’ve been preparing less and less and practicing more “mindfulness” in photography.

What this means to me is not planning a shot, but rather photographing when the moment hits me.  I find that when I do this, I allow photos to find me instead of actively seeking them out.  The result is a more natural kind of photography that is an extension of what I am feeling at the moment.

Today I took my camera with me on a walk to get lunch.  I snapped as I walked along with no preconceptions as to what I wanted to photograph.  It was nice…

December 13, 2014

Nick and I had a nice time downtown today.

Here are some photos of our journey to the Krankies Craft Fair, Finnegan’s Wake, and thereabouts.