December 11, 2014

Thursday is laundry day.

Several years ago my dryer broke, so I started hanging my clothes on the line to dry.  No big deal.  Last year, my washer started leaking, so every time that I wash clothes I have to put a bucket under the hose to catch the 20 gallons or so of water that backs up and pours out.  Big deal.  So I just stopped using it, and now Tony and I go to the laundromat every Thursday.

At first I hated it, and I still do on some days.  I would love to have the convenience of doing my laundry at home, but I just can’t afford to have it all fixed and replaced right now so that’s that.

There’s a great part of going to the laundromat and that’s knowing that I am there with nothing to do for about an hour and a half.  So Tony and I take our magazines (his music ones and my photography ones) and read and talk and just generally enjoy each other’s company for the time we are there.

This Thursday was particularly enjoyable to the point that neither one of us realized that our laundry was done, as we were too busy talking and laughing.

That’s not so bad…