February 10, 2015

The sky features a lot in my images these days.

I’m fascinated by it, really.  The beautiful clouds, the color of the sky, sunrise, sunset…I seem to be looking to the sky more often for inspiration.

The first is mid-afternoon, and the second is sunset, including a reflection in the window and church in the background. Because I exposed the image for the reflection, it doesn’t really do the vivid colors of the sunset justice.  It was a dark, overpowering orange…


January 8, 2015

I was back in my studio today, looking out the window, thinking…

The  first photo is a reflection of the windows on my computer screen.  The second  image is the window itself.  The third and fourth images are details of photos I had already taken that are on the wall.  And the final photo is the entrance to the studio with my reflection in the window.

I’m feeling kind of lost today; it shows in my photos.