February 10, 2015

The sky features a lot in my images these days.

I’m fascinated by it, really.  The beautiful clouds, the color of the sky, sunrise, sunset…I seem to be looking to the sky more often for inspiration.

The first is mid-afternoon, and the second is sunset, including a reflection in the window and church in the background. Because I exposed the image for the reflection, it doesn’t really do the vivid colors of the sunset justice.  It was a dark, overpowering orange…


December 14, 2104

Jack is our Welsh Sheepdog.

He is crazy and full of energy and takes his job as a herder quite seriously.  He is at his best when we take him to run in a field and herd the children.  Today, Nick and I took him to Reynolda House to run in the big field in front of the house.  He had a wonderful time, as did we.  The sun was just about to set, and it had been a beautiful, warm day.