December 5, 2014

I’m cheating today…

These photos weren’t actually taken today, but I processed them today, so I’m going to count that as fair.  I took them a couple of weeks ago, using some of my favorite models.

For me, processing means toning the photos to my liking.  Fortunately, I work hard to make the lighting perfect before I take the photo, so I don’t have to mess with that part of it.  But I want my photos to have a certain feeling to them, so toning them is usually the way that I achieve that.

I love photographing the human form and eliciting a strong emotion to the outcome.  One of my models said that I have the ability to make her look both strong and dangerous and soft and feminine at the same time.  I take that as a huge compliment, as that is what I am striving to do.

We are all vulnerable and strong, both qualities existing at the same time within us.

These are four of about 500 images.



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