March 2, 2015

I had my colonoscopy today.

Oddly enough, it was a wonderful day. The procedure went well and Tony had to come with me to drive me home.  They only found a small polyp during the procedure and removed it, the anesthesia went well and was brilliant, and it was comforting to me to know that Tony would be there when I woke up.

He drove me home and I rested at his apartment for the rest of the day, and had my first solid food in nearly 48 hours!

The first two photos are of my drive to Tony’s before the procedure. There was an eerie mist this morning, and I was quite nervous at this time.  The second photo is when Tony was driving me home after the procedure.  There was a big “T” in the sky, which I thought was quite a perfect nod to Tony and what he means to me.  The last photo is what I saw all day from the bed as I lay about.

Wonderful days can happen when you least expect them…


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