March 3, 2015

I love teaching studio photography classes.

Tonight I started my new one, Vintage Glamour Photography.  We’ll have 4 different models, all shot in the style of classic photographers like Edward Steichen and Richard Avedon, two of my favorites.

I used my new Fuji X-T1 for some of the shots, and I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out in a fast-paced studio environment without a tripod.  The way our classes go, we have to manually set our cameras and lighting to handle 10 people shooting at once in low light without the aid of a tripod.  So all of these shots are on the fly, fast and awkwardly shot dodging other people and slipping in when I can.  Working this way really helps me to focus on my technique and my aperture and shutter speed settings.

The Fuji is slower than my Nikon D800, but did well, as evidenced by this first photo.  I shot in black & white only with the Fuji, trying to keep the vintage feel.

Here are a few shots from tonight’s shoot featuring the lovely Abrea.


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